Saturday, October 6, 2012

A rose by any other name...

I've posted here that I've never liked the sound of my official name. Rohan is fine, but George has a weird ring to it. So, while in Spain, I did a bit of research on the various ways they say it here.

The Madrileños and the Andalusians call me Jorge. The easiest approximation to how Indians would pronounce it is hoar-hay. But the Spanish do something with the starting "j" that makes it sound like they're drawing up phlegm - it's hard for us to do that pronunciation. Not my favourite.

The Galicians call me Xurxo. Substitute the two "x"'s with "sh" and you're good to go. Again, not my favourite.

The Basques call me Gorka. It's up North and not that well connected with the rest of my itinerary, so I'm not going there (San Sebastian, though, is a city I would've loved to visit) and haven't heard the pronunciation from a Basque. From the spelling, though, it doesn't look promising.

Which leaves the Catalans. They call me Jordi; pronounced sort of as spelled, with the Spanish "r," and not the English "d" either - the softer one, close to "th" - jiorr-thee. And my namesake, the one with the lance and the dragon at the end of it, is their patron saint. Jordi is a beautiful name and I sometimes have these fantasies of the Catalans knocking at my hotel door with, "Jordi! Jordi! Save us! There's a dragon just outside la Sagrada Família!"

Call me Jordi.

Edit: The pronunciations I keep hearing here in India are varied, with none of them as pleasing to the ear as the Catalan way. So, skip right to the last second of this video here - that, by the way, is Jordi Alba scoring the most beautiful own goal you'll ever see. And if you'd like to know what a man having sex with someone named Messi sounds like, turn up the volume from 0:52 to 1:00.

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