Friday, November 23, 2012

Teatre-Museu Dalí

I wouldn't be able to tell a Goya from a fly squashed against a wall. So there's really very little intelligent commentary I can offer on my visit to the museum that contains most of the work of Salvador Dalí. But I can say that even after close to three hours in the museum, I didn't get the least bit tired. This was probably because I didn't have to spend the slightest effort trying to make sense of his work or in asking myself why I liked what was in front of me. 

They simply spoke to that part of me that wants to strain the boundaries of the imagination and established a hell of a rapport with it. The other thing was that while I expected to see bizarre images rising up from  the same space in our subconscious that nightmares occupy, what I didn't expect, but found in plentiful, were works that conveyed the same tranquility and heartache-inducing beauty of our more serene dreams.

So, do I upload snaps or not? On the one hand, it seems silly to upload pictures of what are already exhibits in a world-famous museum dedicated to an incredibly renowned artist. On the same hand, I recently had the pleasure of seeing pictures that a friend I made in Andalusia had put up of the south of Spain... and then the rather red-faced comparisons with my own photos. I'm under no illusions about my photography skills and, to make it worse, I've taken all photos of the Spain trip on a cell-phone camera. Venkatesh Prasad facing Steyn with a hockey stick is the closest metaphor I can think of. On the other hand is sheer bloody mindedness. I promised myself I'd write and put up all the photographs I have and by God I'm going to do it!

Bloody mindedness is always a hands-down winner when pitted against largesse and rationality. Which is why our world is in the state it is in. A nightmare world where opinions such as the article linked are decidedly in the minority and an execution is cause for celebration. A pluralistic democracy where fascism is in and freedom of speech is a joke. A world, then, where I can upload terrible photographs without remorse.

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