Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Really, I should just have one big page titled "The Costa Brava," forget about writing anything, and simply upload all the pics of the last 4 days of my vacation. I'm rapidly approaching the "out of words" stage anyway.

But Cadaqués deserves special mention because once I become a multi-millionaire, with the world at my feet and everything, this is where I'll be settling down. I've even earmarked a couple of houses for purchase. It was by no means easy to settle on Cadaqués. Francesc says the people here are half crazy because of the wild winds from the Mediterranean (Salvador Dalí lived not too far from here - Francesc rests his case), plus Granada, Ronda, Fisterra and Girona all have their claims. It tends to get a mite cold here in winter, too.

But somehow, this beach town of blue-and-white houses and nearby hills and resident artists and the prettiest town hall I've ever seen has my heart. If any of you ever decide to visit, don't forget to look me up.

The town hall

The Trip

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